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Liverpool to wait another year to get green light for £200m Anfield revamp

Reds set to wait longer for much needed revamp of home ground as existing plans are deemed unsuitable and owners look to increase capacity of stadium.

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CanTheyScore4076d ago

I'm sure the Americans know what they're doing
seem like great owners

zico4076d ago

agree, we need new stadium, 3 new quality players, King Kenny signing for life, and then it will be "you`ll never walk alone" all over England and Europe!

CanTheyScore4076d ago

Well hopefully it wont be that good haha but it wasn't nice seeing a club such as yourself being ruined by that Hicks & Gillett

ad4mb4075d ago

haha, id have to say it was great seeing them do that to the club but hey, what you expecting lol.

kulka4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

@ad4mb hey you should look at your club before commenting United doesn't seem to have great owners either who knows when Ferguson retires you may be in the same position as Liverpool under Hicks and Gillet

Sahil4075d ago

Great, Anfield forever!