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Howard Webb to referee potential Premier League decider between Manchester United & Chelsea

Howard Webb has been appointed as the referee for the blockbuster game between Manchester United and Chelsea.

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Sahil3431d ago

I guess, Congrats Manchester United on winning the title.

Yi-Long3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

... as if the unpunished elbow by Rooney a while ago wasn't evidence enough...

Personally, I don't REALLY care who wins the league, although as a dutchman it would be nice to see Vd Sar pick up another big prize (or two). He's been great all throughout his career so he deserves a nice send off.

Sahil3430d ago

Yes, I agree.. but not howard webb's way :)

ultramoot3431d ago

I guess there's no point in playing the game now.


Yeah you guys are right, if only he was perfect like the other referees, they never make bad decisions.

Shadow Flare3431d ago

Well let's hope a man utd player gets red carded. Then it'll be 11v11.

Sahil3431d ago

Dude.. you forgot the two linesman!


11 Men in blue against 14 men in Red(3 wearing red underneath) fighting fo the last time this season for the biggest prize in english football, EPIC!

zootang3431d ago

Quality ref for the game. You can be sure they will be no hiccups.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

KazumaKiryu3431d ago

Yeah no hiccups for utd ;)