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The 50 Greatest Rivalry Matches in World Football

What constitutes a rivalry? Is it the passion? Is it the proximity? Is it the familiarity that breeds contempt? Is it the jealousy that one can sense when their rival is racking up the accolades? Is it the infighting between rival fans that leave many hurt, injured or even killed?

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nieuwland144531d ago

chelsea-man u should be higher than arsenal-man u!

zootang4531d ago

Chelsea - Liverpool, Man Utd - Arsenal. It's been that way since the pizza gate and the Keane and Viera wars. Arsenal were good when they played a bit rough. Not like the fancy boys today who pass sideways.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We stand!

zinedine4531d ago

Manchester United vs Chelsea is always a pleasure to watch, must be higher.

lukie1224531d ago

why brazil-italy so big italy are in really bad shape now

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