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Highlights: Fulham 2-5 Liverpool (English Premier League, 9-5-11)

0-1 Maxi 1'
0-2 Maxi 7'
0-3 Kuyt 16'
1-3 Dembele 57'
1-4 Maxi 70'
1-5 Suarez 75'
2-5 Sidwell 86'

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freeduck4065d ago

Amazing game. Maxi is on a role. Before Kenny everyone wanted him out, now Kenny got the best of him and is scoring 7 goals in 4 games.
Definitely need to keep him now, good squad player.
Kuyt on a goal streak as well, 9 goals in 8 games
Suarez just fantastic as usual

Just imagine how many goals Torres would be scoring if he stayed

Watch out Tottenham! :)

Anderson84064d ago

i thought maxi was past it myself.. apparently i was mistaken.. suarez and carrol next year is gonna be a nice lil' partnership if they stay injury free

Sahil4065d ago


We can do the four.. If city loses tomo and draws both their last two games(obviously, we have to win the last two and WE WILL)

freeduck4065d ago

Also would like to mention that Liverpool are 1st in the Premier League for last 8 overall, and a GD of +17. 6 Goals conceded in 8 games

Fantastic stats, Kenny ;)

Vherostar4065d ago

Defence does need fixing though Reina is the only reason 6 goals have been conceded. Need to get some new defenders in the window.

no_more_heroes4065d ago

Very impressed with Liverpool in this match. Since Dalglish came in, they've been the best team in the league by far.

zico4065d ago

can we reach the CL? We deserve to be there!!!

Maradona4065d ago

yes agree, we deserve that. It is a chance, but citys program will make them get atleast 3 points.

Vherostar4065d ago

Deserve it on a few good games at the end of the season?? PLEASE! You been poor all season and have clawed your way up from the relegation zone where Hodgeson put you. The players are on a high right now but I am sure that won't continue onto next season once they had a rest. They got that new manager hype which is winning you matches. It happens but City have 4th and Liverpool will no doubt have 5th.

KazumaKiryu4064d ago

Sorry but it's more than just new manager hype. Yes the players are motivated and confident because of the manager but if you watched the game last night and the others since Kenny has taken over you'll notice our football is extraordinary. I've not seen Liverpool play so well in ages. The passing and movement off the ball is amazing to watch and that's why we've been smashing some teams.

I think, next year if Kenny is still here and had the opportunity to add a few players to team (CB, CM, LB and LW) then we should very well be challenging for at least 4th place.

Vherostar4064d ago

With 3 of the now top 4 (since city qualified) no doubt investing heavily in the window if you do come in the top 4 I feel it will be at the expense of Arsenal who refuse to spend money in the window.

Anderson84064d ago

i wouldn't go that far.. play like that all next season and you'll deserve it.. but just cos you put in a few good performances at the end of the season with nothing to really play for doesn't mean u deserve top 4..

you guys are still a wing man and a creative mid away from getting into the top four anyway.

zico4064d ago

next year we get the 19th;-)

SIR King kenny from the start.

Anderson84064d ago


lool.. you must of hit your head when you fell off your perch.. your starting to sound delusional :)