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Ashley Cole: Chelsea Need Daniel Sturridge

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole hopes Daniel Sturridge will return from his successful loan spell at Bolton Wanderers.

The full-back has been impressed by the striker’s form at the Reebok and remembers the tough time the 21-year-old gave the veteran during training at Cobham.

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DavidLuiz44040d ago

Yes we do, we need to give him a chance! Hes been doing great at Boltan, we should get him back to replace Anelka or something..

Vherostar4040d ago

Madness! He's found his level a mid table team. You want him to replace a quality player like Anelka?? Your crazy! Ship him off to Scotland or something.

Sahil4040d ago

chelsea need young players like sturridge, Mceachran, luis, kalou in their starting XI, chelsea and arsenal are completely opposites, on one side you have oldies and on the other you have youth, only a combination of these two can win you something :)