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United up Nasri chase - Report

Manchester United have reportedly stepped up their interest in Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri and could be ready to launch a bid soon.

The France international midfielder, 23, is understood to be on United's radar and are now claiming he is the Premier League champions' top target this summer.

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I honestly can't see this happening, but then again the longer Nasri continues this speculation, the more angry Arsenal fans are going to get.

guigsy4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

I thought the same at first, but he's only got a year left on his contract and hasn't won a single trophy at Arsenal. He must be considering United as a viable option after winning the Premier League and reaching the Champions League final. He will also be able to play in his natural position in centre midfield at United.

RedDevils4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

He gonna be free in Jan, Pay him up or sell him for 10ml or risk getting nothing from him, This Arsenal options now

kulka4642d ago

He is like Fabregas last year doen not know what he wants

zeddy4642d ago

i doubt wenger will accept any bid from united. he's one of their best players if not the best so cant see it happening.


its not up to wenger..If nasri says he dose not want to play and he wants to leave they is nothing a coach can do..U can take a horse to the water but u cannot force the horse to drink!!!..Just a proverb.

If u think im lieing ask ronaldo and how he left for real when he was tired of playing for man u....If a player wants to leave he will..We where just lucky rooney changed his mind to stay.

zeddy4642d ago

my point was he'd rather sell him to any other club than to united. arsenal could accept a bid from city or chelsea and reject united with the same offer, big moves rarely happen to and from the major english clubs and especially from arsenal to united.

Anderson84642d ago

fabregas and ronaldo both wanted to leave and where told no by their clubs and had to stay another year so i'd say it is up to wenger but he wont want nasri to go for nothing next season so he will probably sell him although i doubt it will be to another english club..

RedDevils4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

It will be kaos, if Naris have the same wages as Fabregas or higher than Van persie, his choice now is either buying in stars to make him think that Wenger are ambitious to win or if not sell him now

DrillaKid4641d ago

If he leaves Arsenal are finished; Fabregas wont want to stay and no one will want to join them. You just can't let your best players go.

kulka4641d ago

Well if they singed Sneijder and Benzema as replacments then they could achieve something but doubt wenger signing a world class player