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Manchester United Agree Deal to Sign Aston Villa Winger Ashley Young

Aston Villa winger Ashley Young has agreed personal terms with Manchester United ahead of his move to Old Trafford.

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zico4192d ago

were are you Dalglish?

freeduck4192d ago

Don't worry, Kenny will sign the right players. I have no doubt that by the end of the transfer window we will be satisfied with who he signed. I'm hoping for Mata, a much better player than Young and probably cheaper too.

kulka4191d ago

Yup Mata is technically better than Young he has good pace as well very like Silva of City

Anderson84191d ago

mata is quality but i'm not sure he's any better than young and he could flop in england young is already proven in this league.. i think daglish will go for downing over matta as he's keen on his squad being predominantly english

freeduck4191d ago

Well Downing will be 27 in about a month, so he does not fit the NESV ideal transfer target. It has been said many times that Liverpool are seeking young targets, no older than 24-25 but preferably younger than that.

I would like to see a bid for Nzogbia if Mata does not go through

Sahil4192d ago

Ashley.. get ready to rot on the bench :)

guigsy4192d ago

It's called rotation, and it was the reason United won the league last season. Plus he's got the prospect of trophies and Champion's League football to look forward to, unlike that other club...

RedDevils4192d ago

Don't worry this is United not Madrid we play everyone on the team even how bad the players is, so don't be ressentiment about it :P


Its funny how we badly need a central midfielder and you lot need a winger, any chance you wanna swap Henderson for Young?

zootang4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

I used to love Clint Eastwood, now I can't stand to see his face. Go away, back to the nostalgia of winning something some time ago. I'd be more worried about Everton over taking you this season, it's their best chance yet.

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And assneal agreed to sign a 1 year extension to another trophy-less season making it 7 years :D