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10 Top Talents From Spain Who Everyone Wants To Sign

The gems from La Liga that could all be on the move this summer.

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kulka4032d ago

I just want Mata from Spain at Liverpool

HxCGamer4032d ago

i feel like he would perform excellently in liverpool

DavidLuiz44032d ago

I mean, i don't support Liverpool or nothing but i want to see star at Liverpool , ;) - feel like he could be something big in Europe if he makes the right move

Sahil4032d ago

Canales would also be a good signing, seen him few games.. he's quite good :)

Anderson84032d ago

i was disappointed when we let rossi go.. i always thought he was quality

RedDevils4031d ago

At the time we got too many Stars forward for Rossi to develop, so I think it the best thing that he leave to brighten his career elsewhere which exactly what are happening now