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Lionel Messi frozen out by Argentina team-mates

The deep freeze in the Argentinian dressing room makes the sub-zero temperatures at the 2011 Copa America seem positively tropical.

With just two points to show after meetings with Bolivia and Colombia the cracks are being to show in Sergio Batista’s squad of explosive egos.

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zootang4610d ago

The untouchable Messi diving??? No... Barca players don't do that! at 35sec

Ninjamonkey824610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

First ive seen it m8 ;)

Snakefist304610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

This is not the first time I saw him dive.He also dived in a match against sevilla!

Anderson84610d ago

fair enough if he's been under performing.. bud to blame 1 player when argentina have an abundance of worldclass players is a bit over the top

Sahil4610d ago

Argentina must start with aguero and huguain, otherwise it will be another draw, same line-ups n all.

KingPin4610d ago

Argentina rely too much on one player. messi cannot take on 11 world class players and win. he doesnt win games for barcelona by himself, he will not do it for argentina. we all know he is a great player, but he's not THAT great.

argentina should take their heads out their asses, get their egos in check and start playing the way they are paid to do.

is it just me or are a lot of Argentinean players troublesome when it comes to their egos. Im just glad Sir Ferguson threw out tevez from Man Utd. look at the headache he's giving Man City.

Kos-Mos4610d ago

Haha. Funny, just funny.

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