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Sneijder agrees terms with United

Manchester United are close to completing Wesley Sneijder's £35million transfer.

United chief executive David Gill is believed to have agreed terms with representatives of the Inter Milan and Holland star, who will earn £190,000-a-week at Old Trafford.

Sneijder was forced to compromise on his initial wage demands of £250,000-a-week, but an agreement has been struck and the move is close to completion.

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I don't usually submit transfer rumour stories but articles about this deal have been coming in thick and fast around the net (and papers) in the last few days that its hard not to get excited.
What a signing this will be, it will conclude the most perfect summer of signings I've seen United do in a while. As Fergie said there will never be another another Paul Scholes but Sneijder is a worthy replacement.

rafay4701d ago

As you said, this should have been categorized as a rumour and not news. No one reported??


I was going to put it as a rumour but the way The Daily Mirror and others were reporting this story, I thought it was a done deal, I assumed we'd get confirmation from Man Utd and BBC after a few hours. Guess nothing is credible without a proper quote.

RedDevils4700d ago

Everything come from mirror it always been rumors, unless you hear something from Skysport, BBC, or the Guarding with quotes then it not rumors

kulka4701d ago

He will definatly improve United one of the best midfilders around only Xavi and Iniesta are better in my opinion

RedDevils4701d ago

One Dutch Retire another one come, hope that will become a reality, Dutch players usually Shine at United, maybe not Jordi Cruijff but he is still decent enough. Come on Gill make it happen!!

HOSe4701d ago

dont see how any player can be worth 190,000 pounds a week. they need midfielders but do they need one for such a extreme price?

maverick11914701d ago

you want the best you pay for the best