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Craziest. Penalty. Ever. - Awana Diab (UAE) vs Lebanon

This is gonna be HUGE… so remember where you saw it first.

Sunday served up a handful of unimportant international friendlies, but one match in the Middle East produced a moment that will definitely go viral.

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no_more_heroes4093d ago

The fvck?

That's either brilliant or retarded.

Sahil4093d ago

Maybe it's a family game.. just havin fn.

NewMonday4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

adding insult to injury, not very sportsman like.

lets see how macho he is when they get humiliated by a team from South America Europe or Africa

i'm from the Gulf myself, the current generation of teens lack respect, i'm very ashamed.

Sahil4093d ago

Guy takin penalty: we are already winnin by 3.. lemme show the world how crazy I am

kulka4092d ago

He's better than the Brazilians anyway

rafay4092d ago

Anyone is better than them these days!

no_more_heroes4092d ago

Apparently the FA over there didn't quite see the humor in his action and they're looking to fine him for his "disrespectful action".

no_more_heroes4092d ago

Yes, I am. It was on Yahoo yesterday when they picked up on the video.

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