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Balotelli and Mancini in furious row after embarrassing backheel earns striker early substitution

The City manager replaced Balotelli moments after the Italian striker wasted a one-on-one chance by attempting to score with an extravagant backheel.

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Sahil4092d ago

leave mario alone its not his fault he has the brain of a 5 year old

KingPin4091d ago

arrogant mother F*&ker. he should learn that its not all bout him. and he tries to convince himself that he is as good as messi and CR7. its really sad to see.

idiots like him should learn to respect their managers and not walk away while they getting spoken to. i dont know why mancini plays him. guess mancini cant sell him either coz nobody wants him.

mastiffchild4091d ago

Bags of talent and no idea! We were lucky enough to get to talk to Jose Mourinho at a function in Milan the other year and he was ,. at the time, trying to cope with Mario-he felt thee was little hope for the lad if he couldn't grow up a little and it looks like The special One was 100%right. Now he has that pice tag he's got even more mental.

The things is I can't even THINK what he was trying with the spin turn and heel, wtf? then again the word "think" and Balotelli don't belong in the same paragraph let alone sentence!!

@sahil-my nine year old scored over 100 goals last season and even he wouldn't have been as dismissive and arrogant as Mario was here towards the other side so five year old might be about right!! I doubt my lad would have been like that even back then, mind. He has to realise kids watch this stuff and then copy t when they train and play so he's got way more responsibility than even he imagines an there's more to football than Mario even FOR Mario. It's sad to see such ability wasted on an idiot-he was replaced by Milner(I'm no fan, btw)who has got where he is through a tremendous, Lampardesque workrate and training mindset,making the very most of pretty limited material so imagine the player Mario would be with that same attitude and HIS God given abilities? Why be such a nob?

kane_lfc4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Bags of talent? He hasn't impressed me once AND I don't know what Mancini sees in him that I don't

alousow4091d ago

he doesnt care as long he is getting pay

kulka4091d ago

Lol some back heal that was why did Mancini payed 20 milion for this idiot

XboxInnovation4091d ago

Obviously Balotelli was influenced after he watched that penalty kick that guy took the other day where he back-heeled it.

Sahil4091d ago

yeah, he wants to top everything but sadly can't :(

RedDevils4091d ago

he should belong to

DiffusionE4091d ago

Tell me again why Man-kini paid £26m for a 5 year old that even Mourinho gave up on?

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