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Vucinic linked to United

Roma striker's agent claims to have met with Red Devils

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zico4078d ago

didn`t Ferguson said he will not buy any more this time?

KingsCross4078d ago

In Sir Alex Ferguson you cant stand, trust or believe:)

zootang4078d ago

KingsCross proving once again how little respect he has for one of the best mangers of all time. Also the reason why the premiership is as big as it is.


Just what we need, another striker.

Infernostew4078d ago

I know, because we don't have Rooney, Chicharito, Owen, Berbatov, Macheda, Welbeck Diouf and Bebe (on loan). Compared to our center midfield (Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher (not fit due to illness), Gibson (was to sold this summer), Giggs (if they move him to the center), Cleverly (unknown if he'll see much play time) we have an influx of strikers, especially when fergie decides to play a lone striker in some matches. We need help in the center badly! I'll take Sneijder or Nasri, both are world class.

ohahCantona4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Totally agree with you! I prefer Nasri, fantastic player but not sure Arsenal are willing to sell to United?

Dinesy4078d ago

We should sign Dirk Kuyt. World class talent right there.

kane_lfc4077d ago

Well he did score more than Rooney and the same amount as Hernandez.

RedDevils4077d ago

the same amount as Hernandez?? wtf are you talking about? In all competition Kuyt only managed to score 15 where as Hernandez scores 20 and Rooney score 16 respectively, which mean both of them scores more than Kuyt, if you don't know what you're talking about then please stop talking, cause you sound like total fool

kulka4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Kuyt is one of the best. His work ethic is superior to any other player in this league he has a lot of assists scores goals in big games like his hat trick against United

Ninjamonkey824078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Vucinic is a striker, By the looks of him a good one aswell. I wouldn't say no. End of the day Sir Alex knows what he is doing if he dicides to dip into the Transfer market again so be it.

But he has already stated the spending is done. Gill has said there is still time for more signings,Its up in the air isnt it we ain't to know but most stuff uslay works out anyways.