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Liverpool 'tracking Porto left-back'

Liverpool are looking at Porto's Uruguayan left-back Alvaro Pereira, according to reports in Portugal.

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zico4080d ago

great news! Hope we soon can change it from rumors to news!

zootang4080d ago

Why would anyone leave Porto for a team that doesn't even play in Europe???

kulka4080d ago

Maybe because everyone knows that Liverpool will qualify for next year and do very well plus his wages will increase at Liverpool the level of competition is higher in England than Portugal players want to move to England and Spain not necessairly to play in the Cl

zootang4080d ago

Wasn't it a lowly Portuguese team that knocked you out of the Europa League, Braga. Porto would batter you lot. At least he is winning trophies with Porto and playing in Europe. Still there is always next year for you I suppose but haven't you been using that for a couple of years now???

kulka4080d ago

Porto are certainly a very good side things change zootang Liverpool has got new players money to spend new manager the setup of the club has changed we don't have to sell our best players like Alonso to raise finance to buy other players we are now going in the right direction

zootang4080d ago

"we don't have to sell our best players like Alonso to raise finance to buy other players we are now going in the right direction"

Didn't you sell Torres to raise finance to buy Suarez and Carrol? Still. There is always next year, right?

kulka4080d ago

Toress wanted to move we bought Suarez before selling Toress and Carroll was his replacment we did not have to sell toress to get finance we just spend 100 milion so this is a clear message that we have the money :)

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Sahil4080d ago

He has been so impressive this copa america and has been porto's top3 players this season, would be a fantastic signing.

kulka4080d ago

He is great better than enrique he plus Suarez will have player from the same country on the team

HOSe4080d ago

the uruguayans are flocking to liverpool.

it be so cool if forlan went. obviously wont happen but would be so cool nonetheless

zootang4080d ago

He came from Uruguay, He made the scousers cry, Diego woah oh oh.

4080d ago
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