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Spain draw France: The European 2014 Fifa World Cup qualification groups in full

The side who triumphed so memorably in South Africa last summer have been given the headline draw against 1998 champions France, while England meet Poland yet again

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zico4644d ago

interesting. Why is France in level 2!!!!!

ohahCantona4644d ago

FIFA don`t know what they are doing. Norway level 1??? Francew Turkey level 2.7

Spain - france interresting!

Sahil4644d ago

Who cares? We'll get to see a big match :D

wantedboys4644d ago

spain and go through easily

KonohagakureFC4644d ago

All thanks to Raymond Domenech

Sahil4644d ago

He took them to the 2006WC Final, I don't think france is good enough.

KonohagakureFC4644d ago

True enough but he was also in charge of them during 2010wc and that was a trainwreck for france and now theyre paying the price

kulka4644d ago

England vs Poland and Spain vs France will be good to watch

kulka4644d ago (Edited 4644d ago )

Just think they have a good young squad plus they are the hosts for euroes so they are building a good squad I am impressed on how Poland managed to bring back it's players who emigrated like Obraniak who plays for Lille now Polanski with few others waiting for call ups I think they can shock everyone soon

Mozilla894644d ago

Groups A,B, and C should be fun to watch.