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We want to win all last year's titles plus a few more - Barcelona's David Villa

Barcelona striker David Villa has made it clear that the club are still hungry for success as they not only want to win every single trophy they lifted in 2010-11, but have also set their sights on the Copa del Rey and other silverware.

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ohahCantona4081d ago

I hope real madrid take it this year! and I think they will.

The Hunter4081d ago

Uhm, Real Madrid will never win the liga the upcoming years.. Barcelona is stronger then ever, and Real Madrid is not a team, there are only selfish players in the team. And the coach Jose Mou....... I rest my case!

Anderson84081d ago

madrid could win it next season they're arent as good as barca but when ronaldo can bag u 40+ goals a season youll always have a chance

RedDevils4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

are you smoking weeds? Seriously Real Madrid these day have been working quite well together as a "team" they just not as good as Barca yet, but I think this season they will up for a real fight, Mourinho 2nd season always better than the 1st

kulka4081d ago

I think Barca are still better it will be similar race as last year

kane_lfc4081d ago

With Barcas latest addition of Sanchez and soon to be Fabregas...I cant see Real Madrid winning La Liga...maybe the champions league though