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Fergie dodges De Gea criticism

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was reluctant to criticise goalkeeper David de Gea following his performance in Sunday's Community Shield triumph.

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zootang3945d ago

It's only one game and a mistake, no need to get on his back.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

kulka3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

His distribution is great he is a good talent but need's time. Pressure at United is big and De Gea is only 20 I think he will succed though

guigsy3945d ago

Obviously people were always going to jump on his back the minute he made a mistake. He recovered well in the second half with some great saves. I doubt it will affect his confidence long term.

rafay3944d ago

What great saves? He had nothing to do at all in the second half!

guigsy3944d ago

He made two quality reaction saves, were you not watching the game?

rafay3944d ago

They were OK! Nothing special really...

kane_lfc3944d ago

He looks like the best Premier League signing - for Liverpool of course.

Congrats on buying the Spanish David James for £20mil.

According to stats, he let the most goals in from outside the area last season in La Liga

ad4mb3944d ago

well, when he wins 1 more premier league title then Liverpool ever has at the end of the season, I am sure we wont mind.

buddymagoo3944d ago

Started already hey? Is it more important for you to see anything at United fail rather than supporting Liverpool? Is there really no joy in supporting your club you have to try and be little our GREAT club?

sokrates3944d ago

He is gonna be great for United! And win many trophies:)