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Young hails Cleverley quality

Ashley Young says he is surprised his new Manchester United team-mate Tom Cleverley has not received an England call-up before now.

Less than 24 hours after his outstanding second-half cameo in the Community Shield win over Manchester City at Wembley, Cleverley was drafted into Fabio Capello's squad to face World Cup runners-up Holland at Wembley on Wednesday.

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buddymagoo4582d ago

He just needs the games and he will become a star!

KingsCross4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

I am afraid you are right. This young fellow has a bright future. He doesnt have to worry about call-ups. Lets hope he leaves United before he turns really good...

buddymagoo4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Why would anyone want to leave a team that has Sir Alex as manager and is guaranteed trophies. Do you not understand football or something?

Infernostew4581d ago

"He doesn't have to worry about call ups." capello called him up for the match against the Netherlands. Good call, mate.

KingsCross4582d ago

Ask those who left... Ronaldo is an option.
I guess they will answer the same: There are bigger clubs they will play for- clubs that has managers acting respectful, not as clowns!

buddymagoo4582d ago

What like Mourinho, lol. Clueless!

Anderson84582d ago

ronald was the best player in the world when he left and had already won every trophy possible... he needed a new challange and madrid was his dream club it had nothing to do with bigger clubs or better managers.. if u ask him he would say fergie is the best manager hes played under as hes said many times before

RedDevils4582d ago

@KingsCross you're so clueless, the reason CR left was that he won everything at the club, beside he always want to play for Madrid since when he was a kid

kane_lfc4581d ago

Hes average...nothing special

kane_lfc4581d ago

I mean what has he actually done? Played 45 minutes and all of sudden hes better than Sneijder? :/ Hes average, nothing else

RedDevils4581d ago

jealousy is bad disease, oh Liverpool fans alway had it in their blood lol

zeddy4582d ago

im glad we didnt get sniejder in the end, i'd much prefer cleverly since he's english and cost nothing cept wages.

zootang4582d ago

Sniejder will sign on Friday this week. You heard it here first, don't forget it.

Anderson84582d ago

i doubt it and i hope not hes too expensive cost and wage wise..we shall see

guigsy4582d ago

I still think we are signing Sneijder. I wouldn't get carried away over Cleverley, he's certainly a hot prospect but I doubt he'd have the same impact against the top European clubs. He alongside Pogba and Morrison would probably benefit from Sneijder's influence anyway.

kulka4582d ago

Cleverly has great potential under Fergie he will turn out to be a star good timing as well since Scholes left Anderson is also a good player just inconsistent to be fair to United they do look great for the upcoming season