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Villas-Boas vexed after draw

Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas described the pushing and shoving by Stoke's players as "out of this world" after beginning his managerial career in the Premier League with a goalless draw at the Britannia Stadium.

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no_more_heroes4069d ago

Welcome to the Premier League, sir.

mastiffchild4069d ago

No, just Stoke. Only Stoke play like this in the top flight and are a shameful spot on English football. It's the most boring team to watch in the entire history of football and something anyone who cares about the EPL should shudder at the thought of. I'm embarrassed to call Pulis my countryman as his side represents everything backwards about thinking in English football from under eights upwards. Strength over skill every sodding time.

Saddest thing of all? That they have people who can actually play but just aren't given any licence to do so. And they're filthy.

ad4mb4069d ago

You need counselling :/

Sahil4069d ago

I read it "Villas-Boas Axed" lol