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With the signing of Cesc Fabregas, Barcelona could begin the next great tactical revolution

Arrigo Sacchi, the innovator who coached AC Milan to a pair of European Cups, once declared that the next step in the evolution of football would be the conversion of the entire pitch to one midfield area. The teams at the vanguard of tactical rejuvenation would be able to count on players to line up in a range of positions on the field of play but actually function as midfielders; closing space and passing accurately within their sectors, using the ball intelligently, moving well off it.

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KingsCross4123d ago

I really doubt Fabregas will fit in Barcelona. Reason is simple: he keeps the ball for a too long time. He is not good enough to make fast descisions in the highest level.

kulka4123d ago (Edited 4123d ago )

Fabregas will play as a Xavi replacment in case he gets injured when Xavi fit he will warm the bench

mastiffchild4123d ago

But both Xavi and Iniesta are prone to injury these days with Xavi having chronic issues with his tendons-things that WILL keep him out of a lot of games this season. Given that Cesc can play anywhere across that midfield I, also, think, he's going to end up playing 30-40 games minimum this season for Barca.

People couldn't see where Mascherano was going to get his games but he manages pretty well and with Cesc actually being more talented than many appreciate I think he'll manage the 43-45 games Javier managed last term with ease. Xavi is injured as we speak, is he not? As Fabregas can do his job pretty well, cover Iniesta pretty well or even do the holding role or playmaker role pretty well he's like a high class utility man until the moment, Barca hopes, comes when he's, like Xavi, the heartbeat of a Barcelona side prompting the rest of the team with his own tempo.

I don't really agree with KingsCross either-Fabregas can be caught dwelling on the ball but I've seen him play seamlessly in the Spain midfield when a player or two have been missing or when he's come on as sub to add surging runs to a tiring midfield in the past. He's pretty capable of making the choices he must in a one and two touch midfield or by being more demanding with the ball. thje big issue, for my mind, is whether he goes easily from beinmg the main man at L'Arse to being just one of the boys at Barca.

If he#'s happy to wait his time he WILL if he does well become the main man again but in the meantime will a player used to setting the pace his team plays at be happy to fit into others ideas? You'd hope his early time at the club would help with this last little bit of the jigsaw or him personally, though, wouldn't you? I see him fitting in pretty well, tbh.