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Top 12 Teenagers to Watch in the Premier League This Season

This season's Premier League appears to be bristling with more bright young things than ever before.

As clubs look to secure their futures and avoid paying huge transfer fees for proven 20-somethings, teenagers are to the fore.

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jak3y13oy4666d ago

wheres Tom Cleverly? :)

Yi-Long4666d ago

... he's one of the biggest talents this season.

Mozilla894666d ago

I swear, from the number of times I've heard you mention him I feel you see him as the new "new Messi".

You've made me very interested in him now haha.

Yi-Long4666d ago

... although obviously Messi is also raised in the perfect environment (Barca Youth Academy) and plays in the perfect team to be able to excel the way he does....

...but from what I've seen from Ryo, he has absolutely everything to become a brilliant player in his own right.

He's only 18 and we won't know what will happen with him in the coming years (homesickness? Injuries? Lack of confidence by the trainer? Drop in form?), but judged on what I've seen of him in the last few months he played for Feyenoord, he has pace, skills, great passing and dribbling, and just a smart guy with good vision.

I've seen Robben when he was 18 and I truly believe Ryo could be better than Robben. Not sure about Messi cause there are other factors in play as well ofcourse, but he's certainly one of the biggest talents to look out for in the next couple of years.

kane_lfc4666d ago

Tom Cleverly is average

buddymagoo4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

How is Henderson doing for you at 20m, lol. Not fit to clean Cleverleys boots.

kane_lfc4666d ago

Henderson is obviously better than Cleverly hence why hes capped for England and has 50+ Premier league appearances while on the other hand Cleverly is useless and had a alright 45 minutes vs Man City.

Also Cleverly is older than Henderson, keep that in mind.

zeddy4665d ago

we'll see soon whos better henderson or cleverly. all i know is if henderson turns out to be rubbish(which he will) then lfc stand to loose more, well loose around 20 million infact, however if cleverly turns out to be rubbish we dont loose anything cept trying out young midfielder on low wages.

Sahil4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

5 Arsenal players out of 12, i thought the number wud be around 10 ;)

KingsCross4666d ago

5 of 12 tells me that Arenal is doing something very right. I know the fans is frustrated about how Wenger runs the club, but you should be proud. HE is the only manager who is getting top 4 without spending like an idiot. He actually runs a club as it should be done.

If it wasnt for the other clubs pumping out money, Arsenal would be CL winners. Barca and Real wouldnt have a chance.

Sahil4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I won't be proud as am not an arsenal fan but really admire Wenger and his policies. But what is the point of reaching top4(i know the feeling is amazing), if you're not going to win something from it, lack of spending money on exp. players puts the pressure on young players and how far can they go with it against these big money spending clubs, who are bringing in exp. quality players, arsenal has to compete with other clubs, not with itself.

LFC fan.

sokrates4666d ago

Some part I agree with you, but football has changed a long time ago. And money is a key factor for winning. Like it or not!

So, If Arsenal is happy ending 4th, its ok for them. I prefere to win - luckily I follow United:)

Mozilla894666d ago

It was nice to see 3 Chelsea players in there as well. Hopefully they'll be a part of our new generation of stars.

Sahil4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I really like McEachran, he'll be a huge part of chelsea midfield in the coming years, haven't seen the othr two.

WTF.. I had no freakin idea lukaku was 18.. lol

zeddy4665d ago

wilshere and jones will defintely be great players. not seen enough of the others, McEachran rarely plays but he is good from what i've seen but these are all english which is good.