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Jose Mourinho is 'destroying Spanish football', says Barcelona defender Gerard Pique

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique claimed Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is 'destroying Spanish football' after the Portuguese's controversial antics during the sides' ill-tempered Supercopa clash on Wednesday night.

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Sahil4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

A bit agreeing on this one.. what's with all those horrid tackles from Marcelo and Pepe, specially the one on Pique in the box and the fabreags one.

krazykombatant4657d ago

Oh shut your pie hole and focus on playing the game. The man obviously thrives and gets off when people say this about him.

kane_lfc4657d ago

Mourinho is such a sore loser.

sokrates4657d ago

Agreed. You can tell this is a part of his tactic, but this is for sure NOT fair play. He should win fair, instead he looses unfair:)

Nes_Daze4657d ago

Pique is right, he's acts like an 8yr old, he should be kicked out because on top of that fact he's utterly worthless. And Pique made an amazing pass to Messi, I'm sure he has his head in the game.

krazykombatant4657d ago

HA! kicked out please. Sure he should be setting the example. However, I can understand the anger that the RM players have everytime you get close to a barca player and a foul is called and/or a yellow card is pulled.

Don't like seeing how Mou handles his team tough cookie. Don't watch the game then, I know Cr7 is a diver, but lately hes being playing hard and not giving up. Barca in the other hand (other than a selected few). Are a bunch of divers and pussies. (Pedro).

arjman4657d ago (Edited 4657d ago )

Barca are the ambassador's of cheating in European football

Nes_Daze4656d ago

Oh no I'll keep watching the game, I like seeing Real Madrid getting owned and the players starting fights every time they lose horribly, just like they have done before. They dive because pepe, marcelo, and sergio ramos are a bunch of weak ass players, that's their form of defending. Why not fight fire with fire? And at the end of the day, RM still gets owned because Barca is just simply better at passing and executing.

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