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Kidnappers announce ransom fee for Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel’s father

Nigerian international's father has not been since his disappearance in Jos on Friday, with 24-year-old having already appealed for help in search on Monday

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KingsCross4572d ago

They are asking for £78,509. A weeks salary for Mikel... Well, thats really suchs: I one hand its easy to pay them of and get his father back. On the other hand, by paying, he shows the criminals that this kind of busniess works: Thats not good for the future!

sokrates4572d ago

True. If it was my dad I would just pay them off. Stupid, YES, but I will understand mikel if he does.

Mozilla894572d ago

I know that it would probably be bad to look at the situation like this but imagine the great PR the club would get if they stepped in and gave the family money to pay the ransom.

Of course that could encourage other kidnappers to try their hand at a similar act...

zeddy4572d ago

if they pay the kidnappers they will just do it again because its easy money. its the reason goverments dont negotiate with terrorists, they will go round kidnapping people left right and centre.

Maradona4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

ok. So if it was your father, you would not pay. You earn 100 000 dollars a week, but wont use it on your father. Worst case they kill him and you must use your money on his funeral.

But i also see your point, not paying terror people. Not easy.

mastiffchild4571d ago

No, it's not easy and especially hard in a country with some BIG corruption issues that have affected the legal system out there to a large extent with criminals going unpunished for heinous crimes over the past couple of decades. Thing is, I totally understand why Mikel might pay for his dad's freedom but what then? Give the green light for someone to do it again to someone else's dad, sister, kids or mum?

Sadly, kidnapping is a growing menace in countries with big poverty issues or countries with a huge gap between those with and those without-and soon we are all going to have to do something to stop this nonsense from the piracy issue to the kidnapping of rich people's families from Mexico to Russia and everywhere in between.

All you can hope is for a private payment AND a way involved that catches those who did this as facing justice and tough sentencing is the only way to scare people out of doing similar in the future. I wonder, though, how poor these guys are as they really haven't asked for a lot of cash and for the crime they've done it doesn't look a lot of money for the risks they're talking. these guys might actually be desperate and not just criminal gang members.

Probably best if Nigeria managed to share it's oil wealth a bit better and stop people being so desperate to begin with I guess but , whatever, kidnapping a guy who actually DOES something to help his local economy by employing people is very sad. The Mikel family will almost definitely take their money out of the country and move themselves to somewhere safer following this idiocy so all the kidnappers will manage is making their country that bit poorer.

Ninjamonkey824572d ago

If it was my father and id a chance of getting him back alive id be like stuff the goverment tbh and the greater good, End of the day family is what matters.

DiLeCtioN4571d ago

Just pay the money, he earns a lot of money in a week.