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crazyturkey4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

As expected Arsenal were nothing like they were before, too many injuries, suspensions and of course the sale of many players. Sad to see Arsenal in this state. Now I really feel that if Wenger was in a tough situation this is a turn for the worst. Spend now or Arsenal will suffer financially later on. They won't make it into the top 4, no CL and of course the fans will not be buying the season tickets next year. Now Arsenal REALLY NEED at Least one CB and a LB. Also at least one creative player more similar to Cesc.

Yi-Long4122d ago

.. and suspensions lately...

... but also tactically today they were extremely weak, and too many players didn't live up to their potential. Van Persie had a poor game. Arshavin once again had a horrble game. Nasri had a good first half but in the 2nd half he seemed very tired. Walcott wasn't good.

Frimpong was decent but also extremely stupid to make such idiotic tackles. He's a good player but he really needs to learn some control.

Vermaelen was great, and Jenkinson made a good impression as well.

Liverpool were in control the whole match, and the better side, but they needed Suarez to break things open, which he did when he came on. Jose Enrique was impressive.

Overal a poor game, especially by Arsenal, and mostly due to some poor decisions by Wenger. Arshavin should have been taken off after that crappy first half, and when there was so much space in the 2nd half for speedy counter-attacks, it doesn't work to put Van Persie up front by himself and taking speedy players like Walcott off. He's been making that mistake now over and over and over again.

Sahil4122d ago

Really good analysis, are you a football expert? :D

Yi-Long4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

... I just watched the game. :P

Thanks :)

rDrkja4122d ago

He's just an Arsenal fan.. hehe nah I kid.
Good comment! :).

Yi-Long4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

... I do have quite good eye-poking qualities, so maybe Real Madrid will be hiring soon... :P

rDrkja: I'm not really a big fan of ANY club tbh. With that I mean teams change every year, when it comes to players, coaches, and playing-styles. So each year, there will be different teams and players I enjoy watching :)

I know that sounds kinda odd for club-supporters, who are usually loyal to 1 or 2 teams for their whole life, no matter how they're doing or who are playing, but I just prefer to enjoy watching good football.

In Holland, a few years ago AZ was playing great football. Fun to watch, nice players, good coach. Now, AZ is a bore to watch, and the best football this season seems to come from FC Twente (again) and Ajax (big improvement over last season's team). PSV has a good squad as well with nice players this season, but they somehow have some trouble finding the goal yet.

It also has nothing to do with succes btw. There are teams/players I enjoy watching and they won't win any prizes. There are also teams who win lots of trophies but are boring and predictable to watch, with an uninteresting squad.


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no_more_heroes4122d ago

How many more players are gonna get injured/suspended? This is ridiculous now.

Anderson84122d ago

if this dusn't make wenger buy some cb's nothing will

RedDevils4122d ago

there A are 7 players injured and 3 suspended

Sahil4122d ago

:) Great result, was surprised to see Meireles and Suarez on the bench(not fit to play full 90mins), immediate impact with the subs, couldn't be more happy. where's aqua??

Keep going!

zeddy4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

arsenal need to go on a spending spree right now! 2 midfielders, 2 defenders at cb and lb. 10 days remain or they wont even get into champs league next season.

Yi-Long4122d ago

... but they absolutely need a few more good defenders as well a great goalkeeper.

A defensive midfielder would be nice as well, especially if Frimpong will be making crazy challenges and picking up dumb cards as he did today...

rafay4121d ago

The goal keeper has been doing fine so far.

FootballZilla4122d ago

Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul Meirelesssssssssss :D LA LA LA

zico4121d ago

great pass to Suarez goal. maybe Meireles and Suarez will be Liverpools most important players this season? I`m dissapointed about carroll, but will give him more changes...

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The story is too old to be commented.