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Mexican match suspended because of gunfire

MEXICO CITY -- A First Division Mexican soccer match was suspended Saturday after gunmen opened fire on police outside the stadium in the northern city of Torreon, causing players and referees to run for cover.

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oli4485d ago

this site is so dumb sometimes. you guys usually never post anything about mexico, but now that this came up, you try to submit it. such things make the country look bad, when honestly, this could happen anywhere.

Infernostew4485d ago

Except this is happening all the time in Mexico. The drug related crime in Mexico is crazy and to try to deny a news story like this makes you seem a bit delusional about stuff happening in, I'm assuming, your own country.

oli4485d ago

yes i agree with you that its happening, and it is the country i'm from, but i'd also like to hear good stuff about mexico. there is good football there (not the best), our clubs get invited to the copa libertadores in south america, mexico gets invited to copa america. i'm sure nobody likes to hear bad stuff about the country they're from.

Nes_Daze4485d ago

Mexican football has improved and grown a lot, it's sad to see these types of things interrupt a good football game. Hopefully crime in Mexico will decrease just as it should in many other countries.