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Barcelona's Lionel Messi is Ronaldo & Ronaldinho in one - Deco

Former Barcelona midfielder Deco has praised Lionel Messi and has stated the Argentine is not only a great entertainer like Ronaldinho, but also has the finishing prowess of former stars Romario and Ronaldo.

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sokrates4481d ago

Disagree. He is amazing, but so was Ronaldinho at his best. Its easy to forget in football. but I think deco has forgotten how briliant he was.

Ronaldo is another story, he has always been second best.

RedDevils4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

I think he talking about the Brazilian Ronaldo which I LMAO, messi is not even close to Ronaldo not to mention combining both Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. Beside Ronaldo carries his own club and Country, can't say the same with Messi though

ad4mb4481d ago

never! id say Ronaldinho was closer to being ronaldo and messi in one haha