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The greatest disallowed goal of all time?

Guardian - "Edinson Cavani saw his scintillating bicycle kick scratched off against Barcelona. But which do you think is the best (n)ever?"

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N3FAR1053473d ago

Shame, he'll probably never score like that again

sokrates3473d ago

For sure! Really a blow that's it's doesn't mean anything but a free kick for the other team...

FlashXIII3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Lampard's goal against Germany if for no other reason than Blatter being a technology retard and not fit for purpose. Tevez's goal against Mexico also comes to mind.

Anderson83473d ago

a great goal and unfortunate but it was offside

2pacalypsenow3473d ago

Thats why soccer needs to use a little invention created decades ago called the replay , the world cup had teams robed because of bad calls

Maradona3473d ago

yes, but should the great game of football be destroyed by this kind of technology?

Anderson83473d ago

technology doesnt destroy games.. football is just stuck in the dark ages ruby, tennis, cricket etc all use it footie need to as well.. if it can be used to punish players after a game then why not to give a goal during?

although it is only needed for goal line tech anything else would be overkill and negate the point of referees..

either way this goal was offside good decision

Thecraft19893473d ago

How is it destroying anything when it creates a fairer game ?

FlashXIII3473d ago

The guy calls himself Maradona, is it really hard to believe he'd be against technology?

Protesting players surrounding the referee stopping the game for like two minutes is destroying the game. A quick 20 second replay to show if it was a goal or not would be far quicker and you can't really argue the decision.

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