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Highlights: Real Zaragoza 0-6 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Liga - 28/08/2011)

0-1 C. Ronaldo 24'
0-2 Marcelo 29'
0-3 X. Alonso 64'
0-4 C. Ronaldo 71'
0-5 Kaka 82'
0-6 C. Ronaldo 87'

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sokrates3705d ago

4 clubs in the world buys them all: Real, Barca, City and Chelsea. No fun in La Liga when its two teams in their own league, and still continue using fortunes of money picking the best players ww.

FootballZilla3704d ago

Prem = 3 teams.

Chelsea, Man U.

And now city.... you can sat that every game is tough games but its allways the same teams ;)...

Watch the bundesliga if you like competetive football no one know whos going to win ;)

RedDevils3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

but the difference is PL doesn't have that big gap of points compare to la liga Real Madrid (2nd) 92pt Valencia(3rd) 71pt. in pl Arsenal (4th) 68pt, Spurs (5th) 62pt. That my friend are the quality of the League so far La liga quality are even Sh***er than Serie A. Imo La liga most entertain match are only the brawl Classico between Madrid and Barca

FootballZilla3704d ago

But who wins = Chelsea - Man U
La liga = Barca - Real

kane_lfc3704d ago

Have you been actually watching the PL? Man City and LFC have been playing miles better than Chelsea who haven't even made one convincing win yet and struggled against WBA at home.

FootballZilla3704d ago

Dude im talkin about WIINNIN THE TITLE Chelsea and Man U ...
Liverpool have never won the epl sooo it dosent matter how chelsea are doing....

Im not a supporter of any epl team so im not biased ...

kane_lfc3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Man City have a chance at winning it aswell...they have been playing miles better than Chelsea and so have LFC

zeddy3704d ago

prem league is more competitive, even wolves beat man utd 2-1 last season and atleast theres 4 teams going for the title lfc, man utd, chelsea and man city. barca and madrid win without any problems every week.

kulka3704d ago

Liverpool and City will challange as well

FootballZilla3703d ago

KANE Im talking about whats been happening last 7-8 years MAN U AND CHELSEA Are dominating....