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Barcelona FC and Real Madrid Threaten to Leave La Liga for Pastures New

It is widely accepted that Barcelona and Real Madrid have a huge financial advantage over all other clubs in Spain.

The two happen to be the biggest clubs, not only in Spain, but in the world. For this reason, they earn so much more in TV revenue and corporate income that it makes the league a two-horse race year-on-year.

The problem for all of Spain is to find a way of making the league more competitive, especially since it now seems that both Barcelona and Real are threatening to move out of La Liga unless it becomes a sterner test.

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jak3y13oy4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

Spanish teams cant just go to another foreign league...
They're SPANISH!

I know that Cardiff City and Swansea have gone to the English leagues from the Welsh, but they are no where near the quality of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

I can imagine Barca and Real Madrid in nPower League 2 thrashing teams 20-0. (:

yezz4639d ago

this is a bit off topic but when you said "they're SPANISH" it reminded me on that spanish teams are still indeed very spanish, but when you look at english teams like chelsea, you dont see many english players there:O and i think this is a huge problem nowadays...

sdtarm4639d ago

why couldnt barca join the premiere league? when I was a kid I thought RM and BFC were premiere league teams, until i told my dad and he almost slapped me :/

KingPin4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

"...but when you look at english teams like chelsea, you dont see many english players there"

and that my friend, is why england dont have a championship winning side. If you look at any other league, 80% of players in the top 4 clubs are of that nationality. ie- germany, italy, spain, netherlands. if you look at the EPL top 4, chelsea has like 3 good english players, man united come in at say 3-4, arsenal got 2, man city also 2-3. no when it comes to looking for the best player for that position they only got 1 contender if that. whereas teams like spain/germany/italy got like 5 players to select from.

i really think the EPL clubs need to stop focusing so much on bringing in international talent, they need to start bringing more english players. honestly, the last competitive england squad was back in the day when Michael Owen was like 16/17. when they got knocked out the world cup by Argentina in the quarter finals.

ad4mb4638d ago

United have more then 3 to 4 lol... cleverly, carrick, rooney, smalling, welbeck, jones, young, owen and rio.

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ProjectVulcan4639d ago (Edited 4639d ago )

Simple. Ban individual TV rights deals, and sell the whole set as a league much like the premiership. Everyone gets more money- except Barcelona and Real Madrid.

They might moan, but in the end it would be far better for spanish football and eventually their revenue in the long run anyway.

Any other problem anyone has, you know where to find me....... :D

kulka4639d ago

And where would they move there are no clubs at their level in that part of Europe to create another league only English clubs can compete with Real and Barca at this moment and doubt teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, City and United would be intrested in leaving the premier league

jak3y13oy4639d ago

Have a little Europe League :L

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, OL, OM, Milan, Inter, Porto and Borussia Dortmund.

2 teams from one foreign league.

We can call it The Champions League!

RedDevils4638d ago (Edited 4638d ago )

That is stupid, Europe league, that is almost the exact same thing as Champions league except it a league, but still that too much games for players, and fans travelling will be hell for them. You might not know as you are watching it on TV but I been watching almost all of United Games home and away, and it still like hell. Travelling from England to across of Europe yeah right lol

Anderson84639d ago

top teams in the world have been debating about whether to make an elite multi-national league for years.. i dnt see it happening any time soon

crazyturkey4639d ago

Where will they go then? If they are not playing in la Liga how are they going to qualify for the CL? Free Spots every year?

kingdavid4638d ago

Have their own "spanish league" where they play each other 38 times each season.

The end result wouldnt be too different to whats there now.

In respect of competitiveness, leagues should look at what the bundesliga is doing - basically any team there can win the league.

FlashXIII4639d ago

Bayern Munich have threatened to do this recently stating Fifa's incompetence as their reason for wanting to leave. The current deal with Fifa/UEFA or whoever expires in 2014 which would allow clubs to leave their respective leagues and form an elite league if they so choose.

I think it'd be a good thing tbh. The whole scandal associated with Fifa seemed to be swept under the rug quite nicely with just a few people used as scapegoats. Blatter's ignorance towards goaline technology alongside other things makes me personally think Fifa isn't fit for purpose anymore and I reckon quite a few of the higher ups (Lord Triesman comes to mind) would probably concur with said assessment.

shadowraiden4638d ago

and what about travelling and fans etc
this is not a good thing and never will be unless travelling never becomes a problem(which it always will be) are the clubs going to pay the fans for traveling to those places i doubt it also i doubt lesser european teams will even consider joining a league like that as they know they dont stand a chance.

xX_Altair_Xx4639d ago

I don't think another league will be set up but I can see the big teams in Europe forming a new organisation to prevent upstart teams like Man City, Malaga and PSG from having too much influence. That is if UEFA themselves dont do something about it.

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