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EPL: Ranking the Premier League Home Kits

International week is over and it's almost time for Premier League football to return.

But not yet.

We still have another few days to wait until league action is back, so to pass the time, we thought we'd rank the 20 Premier League home kits. That's exactly what it sounds like: A ranking from 1-20 of every home kit in the Premier League.

First, though, let's run down a few rules.

This is based on home kits only. Away kits and third kits, no matter how cool or awful, aren't allowed. In case of a tie, the goalkeeper's kit decides it.

This is one guy's opinion. Keep that in mind. Fashion is often in the eye of the beholder, though most people can agree on some basic facts, like the awesomeness of Notre Dame's (American) football uniforms and the fast-food crappitude of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1970s.

The rest, however, is open to debate. So here's what we like:

Tradition: Teams that incorporate their traditional designs in modern kits get good scores.

Simplicity: One way to set a team apart in a bad way is to have unnecessary frills all over the jersey, shorts or socks. Just don't do it.

Blending: As in blending the branding seamlessly into the design. Adidas generally does this well but not always.

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b163o14635d ago

#1 in home kits, but I don't see them making top4 this season

freeduck4635d ago

Really long description, how did this get approved?
Really like Liverpool's and Chelsea home kits. Arsenal's kit not bad either

AshOVO4634d ago

Ranking kits? Really? Has someone actually taken time to do this? Haha how embarrassing.