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Chelsea FC: Analysis of Fernando Torres' Failures

Three days ago, Spain thrashed hapless Lichtenstein 6-0, with Fernando Torres nowhere to be seen—not even on the bench.

Spanish manager Vicente del Bosque decided to give Álvaro Negredo, who had an excellent game against Málaga, a start.

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freeduck3912d ago

Really sad to see this guy end his career and reputation so fast. Just a season ago he was considered the world's best striker, now he is a 50 million pound flop.
It's only a matter of time when Torres will admit that his move was a mistake.

Torres had his best month last season in January 2011, that's when Kenny took over. If anyone watched Liverpool games then (Blackpool, Wolves, Everton, Fulham) you noticed a different Torres who looked impressive and scored 3 goals, plus an assist.
Kenny was the solution to Torres regaining form.
One can only imagine what kind of partnership Suarez-Torres-Gerrard would have been

Lukaku looked impressive when he played for Norwich and I suspect he will get more minutes, along with Sturridge

kulka3911d ago

I really hope we bring him back Kenny would turn him into real Toress again

mastiffchild3910d ago

Yeah cos only Chelsea EVER have a striker lose form. Birtles at UTD never happened and the 35million on Carrol seems top business too.

Amazes me the way Torres and Sheva (which was an obvious con job)are looked at the same way when Nando's EVERY chance of getting back to former glories. His stats til this Sat were great this season. He'll be dine-not 50 million fine, but fine.

no_more_heroes3912d ago

Let's wait and see how he links up with Mata first. If he still fails to fire, then he'll most definitely be a flop.

Mozilla893912d ago

I'm backing him to score this weekend, he doesn't have Drogba waiting to take his place on the bench so he can play freely knowing he's probably not going to be replaced during the game.

Mozilla893911d ago

Haha, yeah didn't even start. Oh well, as long as we win it doesn't matter to me who scores.