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Highlights: Bolton Wanderers 0-5 Manchester United (English Premier League - 10/09/2011)

0-1 J. Hernandez 5'
0-2 W. Rooney 20'
0-3 W. Rooney 25'
0-4 J. Hernandez 58'
0-5 W. Rooney 68'

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It's official, Phil Jones is my new favourite player.

guigsy4671d ago

He's the complete defender, Fergie does it again.

The_Nameless_One4670d ago

Fergie has an eye for talent. Chelsea can learn something from him.

sokrates4671d ago

It's official; united kicks it right back at city. Again! Its a smell of titles! This was 100% show time:)

no_more_heroes4671d ago

right now it's a back and forth of "anything you can do, I can do better" for United vs City.

buddymagoo4671d ago

"City just scrapped a 3-2 win at Bolton with their strongest defence & squad, while we score 5 and keep a clean sheet with players out"

I just read this on another board, brilliant!

Gamer19824665d ago

Oh dear lets be honest Bolton actually gave City a fight against Untied they didn't even bother even the commentators said where were Boltons defence several times in the match. Not taking the victory away from Untied but Bolton just didn't even try. The only team this season that's actually tried to play against united in the PL was WBA and they should have got a point out of it.

buddymagoo4671d ago

I'm on cloud 19 this is just incredible! Rooney for Ballon D'or

kane_lfc4671d ago

Its 4 games in you c*nt and your saying ridiculous things like Rooney for Ballon dor?

sokrates4671d ago

Not that strange. Rooney just delivers... Better and better in to the season. S

TKCMuzzer4670d ago

You show nothing but bitterness in your reply. If Rooney carries on like this he will be in the running, early or not. He scored 16 goals last season and that was his worst scoring season which says it all about how good he is.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

sokrates4671d ago

1.5 goals/ match. Start dreaming! S

kane_lfc4671d ago

The PL is a marathon not a sprint.

FlashXIII4671d ago

That must be why Liverpool keep sprinting then.

zeddy4671d ago

5-0 and de gea looked solid too! shame bout cleverly though, hope he's back soon.

sokrates4670d ago

broken!... 6 weeks. Thanks to Sir Ferguson we have replacement. No need to worry! S

FlashXIII4671d ago

Poor refereeing though I thought in this match. Davies should have been off.. with more than a few players lucky to escape bookings.

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The story is too old to be commented.