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Highlights: Barcelona 2-2 AC Milan Uefa Champions league Group H - 13.09.2011

0-1 Pato 1'
1-1 Pedro 36'
2-1 Villa 50'
2-2 Silva 90'

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szólj hozzá: B2-1M
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sokrates2835d ago

UPS! What a blow!!! - Barca running the whole match, seems like its 1 team for 90 minutes, then overtime... lucky bastards!

Leio2835d ago

Barca had 95% of possessions and created almost nothing.
900 passes outside the box and they couldnt even get close to the box. Great performance by Milan away from home, with half of their line up missing including Ibrahimovich.

yezz2834d ago

its pretty hard to do shit when you have 8 or 9 men in box defending... im dissapointed that barca didnt score a third one but you said that it was great performance by milan? do you think that great performance is based on goals because besides the two goals milan scored they were just shit!

RedDevils2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Are you watching the right game? Barca had over 70% of possession but they never penetrate it, with 22 attemps = 2 goal, with AC Milan 6 attempts = 2 goals, not only that their defense are awesome, Nesta is a beast, Messi was so piss Because of Nesta suppers defending, lmao Messi punching the ground like a 5 years old kid

kulka2835d ago

Barca really missed Puyol and Pique today

Leio2835d ago

Milan missed half of their team today

sdtarm2835d ago

who ibrahimovic and adriano? wow yeah their 'whole team' no wonder their sht

Corepred42835d ago

Well 'shit' just tied Barcelona. lmao barca missing 2 players and milan missing 2 players.

buddymagoo2834d ago


Just to point out United don't have the same team as last year.

XboxInnovation2835d ago

Pato made Barca look like little kids on that run.

Anderson82835d ago

how did pato not go to the last world cup... ridiculous

good game, barca are looking vulnerable this season though they may just be slowly warming up

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