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Highlights: Manchester United 2-0 Norwich City (English Premier League - 01/10/11)

68′ Anderson
87′ Danny Welbeck

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freeduck3887d ago

Norwich missed soooo many chances, they deserve a draw they played well

buddymagoo3887d ago

Norwich are doing well, scoring at the bridge and putting up a scrap at Old Trafford. I can see them staying up this year.

kane_lfc3887d ago

If Man u continue to play like that there going to suffer, especially as there next 3 fixtures are LFC, Man City and then Everton!

Norwich had 17 shots on target, Man u had 2.


You make it sound like United have been playing like that all season, and anyway champions win matches even when their playing badly,

Anderson83887d ago

i dunno were u got thse stats from mate but they're wayy off

zeddy3887d ago

17 shots on target? lmao. norwich had a some great chances and probably should have got a draw atleast. but we're missing vidic and smalling that guy streller won too many headers against us, same with morrison today, usually vidic heads them for fun.

RedDevils3887d ago

United: 20 attempts and 4 on target
Norwich: 17 attempts and 3 on target

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kane_lfc3887d ago

Wayne Rooney is way to inconsistent


He just came back from injury and is still the Premier League's top scorer, jeez there's no shutting you up. You spend most of your time slating Man Utd than caring about your own team.

kane_lfc3887d ago

I give credit when its due.


Somehow I get the feeling you won't be giving credit to United ever.

Gamer19823886d ago

Wayne Rooney is a 3 month at a time player. He plays like a world class player for 3 months at a time (in fact nobody plays better than him) then he goes to sleep for a while the quicker he gets back to that form the better it will be for United.

kulka3887d ago

Norwich looked very impressive if they play like this all season they will stay up relegation battle will be very close this year