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What Carlos Tévez really said in his post-match interview with Sky Sports

Sky Sports released this transcript of the Tévez: interview last night, translating Tévez.

Geoff Shreeves: “An extraordinary situation this evening, Roberto Mancini has said Carlos refused to come off the bench. What is the truth?”

Carlos Tévez: “I didn’t want to warm up because I wasn’t feeling very well so I thought it was better not to (interrupted). So I didn’t think I was in a good situation to come on, because my head wasn’t in the right place.”

Translation: “Just was not feeling very good inimically/anemically [sic] and mentally, so I put my opinion to just that.”

Shreeves: “Roberto has also said in a press conference that you will never play for him again. Do you think your future lies elsewhere now? Are you finished at this club for refusing to play?”

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Sahil4644d ago

looks like the translator will be getting sacked in the morning.

TKCMuzzer4644d ago

Should not need a translator, he's been in England 6 years, the guy should at least have the decency to speak English. He loses respect by the day and I think it's about time he left the Premier League behind. Question is, who wants him?

Mozilla894644d ago

He just happened to get sick during the match and not before or afterwards? He was in great shape mentally and physically to play golf the next day...

Ness-Psi4644d ago

the Hammers will have him back, come home carlos lol.

Sahil4643d ago

yeah, it would be a good move for him.