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Highlights: Barcelona 2-0 Viktoria Plzen ( Uefa Champions League Group H - 19/10/11

1-0 Iniesta 10'
2-0 Villa 82'

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sokrates4628d ago

Cant see the watch the first goal! Was Barca any good tonight?

Anderson84628d ago

first goal was immense.. iniesta is pure class

Corepred44628d ago

that defense was pitiful.

KingPin4628d ago

is it just me or do others also find barcas style of play boring.

dont get me wrong, they play good football. soccer is about possession and moving the ball around but the way barca do it, i find it boring to watch.

takes them like 80 passes to get from the halfway line to the 18area. its just not entertaining football.

Anderson84628d ago

its just you.. your the first person ive ever heard say barca are boring

Mozilla894628d ago

Well I think you're over blowing it a little but it does get annoying sometimes when they pass the ball around the back waiting for the other team to come out so they can attack.

ngecenk4627d ago

i do agree that barca is not boring but last night match is extreme boring! i dont know if its plzen with their ultimate defense, but surely barca had a lot of trouble last night.