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Highlights: Queens Park Rangers 1-0 Chelsea (English Premier League - 23/10/11)

1-0 H. Helguson 10'(pen)

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karim4423d ago

Chris Foy and the linesmen were an utter disgrace...THREE penalties not given,Bosingwa should of been a yellow..Drogba's red was fair.

Proud of the team,inspiring performance in the 2nd half.Chins up!

Gamer19824423d ago

Blaming the officials when in reality it was Chelsea who weren't good enough on the day to finish off QPR. The sendings off were right and QPR will take the 3 points. I think UTD fans are more happy about this than QPR fans though as it keeps them in 2nd.

kane_lfc4422d ago

@Karim you shouldn't need the officials to help you beat QPR...

Mozilla894422d ago

Kinda hard to play your best when every challenge you make is a yellow card.

karim4422d ago

I'd like to see how you would react when a ref gives one dubious red card,3 penalties not given and every single challenge is a yellow card

silvacrest4422d ago

he doesnt need to think about such things, howard web has always got his back when needed

Gamer19824422d ago

The fact is a superior team does the job regardless of officials decisions. Chelsea were still the superior team even with 9 men and had the most chances the fact they didn't score them was their fault blaming the ref for not giving penaltys shows lack of confidence for your players ability's to get the job done. Chelsea also showed United today that even with a man down (they had 2!) it doesn't matter if your the better team. So Utd fans can stop using that as an excuse.

ngecenk4422d ago

no no, the first red card is an utter disgrace! drogba's was fair, but again even with 9 players, the stats clearly shows chelsea dominated the match.

that game is a clear steal from chelsea by the ref!

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Anderson84422d ago

while the refs performance was iffy the red cards were spot on.. bosingwa pulled back philips when he was thru on goal same as johnny evans did to balotelli.. john terry would never of got there for cover.. but even with 9men you had enuff chances to win the games.

karim4422d ago

And the three disallowed pens ? Pretty sure your reaction would of been worse than mine if that was United who were denied all those pens

Anderson84421d ago

only the lampard one was a pen i think.. the other ones would have been too soft

MaximusPrime4422d ago

I watched the match. Referee's performance was below par. Disallowed every clear fouls. First red card was a harsh decision

zeddy4422d ago

chelski should have won despite the sendings off. anelka is done for, should have buried that header.