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Rooney's pasta complaints provoke twitter storm

Wayne Rooney provoked a torrent of abuse after he complained on Twitter about having to play football at noon.

The Man Utd striker tweeted: “Just have to say 12 o’clock kick off is no good for players. Trying to force pasta down at 9 in the morning is not nice.”

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Gamer19824609d ago

What did he expect was gonna happen he's Wayne Rooney. Not only that he's on an enormous amount of cash so people are gonna bring that up. There right though how can you complain about having to work at 12 noon for £250,000 a week when most get up at 4am for £150 a week.

KingsCross4609d ago

I understand him. This isnt about money, but about beeing human.

Gamer19824609d ago

Being human?? Having to play at 12 o clock?? Gimme a break! Most of the population of the world have to work before that time and get paid 1/1000 of what he does for it. He needs a reality check before he says something on a public space. Sure he may feel hard done by somehow (and most will disagree with him) but to say on twitter was his biggest mistake.

kane_lfc4609d ago

My dad gets up at half 5 in the morning and heads of work...he doesn't complain and hes not on 250k a week.

Noctis Aftermath4609d ago

I don't follow the EPL, but this seems more of a complaint about changing his routine, it is different from the norm, hence why he doesn't like it.

Also anyone saying he should shut up because he gets payed so much, why should he? he's been getting payed shit tonnes of money for years, to him it's the norm, of course he's going to complain about shit he does not like.

If these messages are the normal response from his fans then i can not imagine him using twitter much longer.

Blackdeath_6634608d ago

pfft... even school children have to wake up atleast before 7 besides whats inhumane about having to eat pasta? pasta is nice.

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zeddy4609d ago

could say the same about tevez.


Rooney is one of those people that shouldn't be allowed to have a twitter account.

TKCMuzzer4609d ago (Edited 4609d ago )

Why? He gets paid to perform at the highest level in front of thousands. He has to eat the right food at the right time. Eating pasta for breakfast is not ideal, that's all he is saying, if people want to flap about it then maybe they should look at themselves.
Here we are moaning about Rooney and pasta when the England captain is being accused of racism. Move on people.
There was no need to play the game at noon, it should be 3 oclock on a Saturday when possible.

Gamer19824608d ago

TV mate. UK tv companies aren't allowed to show 3pm games. You obviously don't know this rule so I will let you off. As for eating pasta for breakfast.. Does he have to? Is he forced to eat that? Can't he have a bowl of cereal? Also sure hes getting up at differnt times each day but omg people also do that for pittance its called shift work. I did it for 3 years for minimum wage. For his money I wouldn't complain NOT ONE BIT. Hell I would live on pasta until I retire at 36 too. Jammy gits like him don't realise how much they got and it makes me sick to my stomach. This isn't a shot at Rooney I would say this if ANY football said this.

Tommykrem4609d ago

He just wrote what he was thinking. Sure it's silly and all, but people need to calm down a little. Aggression is no good for the digestion either

TKCMuzzer4609d ago

Correct, it's like me tweeting I don't like eating toast before work, it's not ideal. Just because he gets paid more money does not mean he can't have an opinion.

RedDevils4609d ago

I agree, Imagine tomorrow he twit saying Lady Gaga is a guy lol

FlashXIII4608d ago

Personally I think Warnock was onto something when he said it should be renamed to just "twit"

terrorofdeath4608d ago

I ate pasta this morning for breakfast...true story.

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