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Why We're Anti-Madridistas: 10 Reasons Barcelona Fans Hate Real Madrid

BR: There are many reasons for a FC Barcelona fan to hate Real Madrid as a whole.

They might hate a coach or a player. Fans might hate how the last game went. They might also hate how a Merengue fan behaves.

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Nes_Daze3938d ago

Real Madrid have no discipline. This is why they resort to tackling when Barca runs circles around them, then of course, they call us the divers, lol! Mourniho is also a man without respect or discipline, which is sad considering his age and his inability to teach his team something that could actually help them beat Barca.

Theo11303938d ago

Yeah because we all know Barcelona player don't dive... cough(Pedro, Dani Alves, Iniesta, and David Villa). And they get help from the reffs, Ie: Real Madrid v Barcelona (both legs in CL) Chelsea v Barcelona, Arsenal v Barcelona final.


Corepred43938d ago

Leave him be, lol. You can tell he agrees with everything the article says. lmao

Nes_Daze3938d ago

And Ronaldo doesn't?? LOL please, why make excuses for a team in which even the coach resorts to poking another man in the eye? Perhaps you don't watch the same games I do, but I see Real Madrid tackling the hell out of Barca players, especially Marcelo. The reffs call it as they see it, making excuses by blaming refs is just another list on the book of merengue fans.
@Corepred4, I didn't read the article, I couldn't get on the website.