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Highlights: Uruguay 4-0 Chile (World Cup 2014 Qualifying - 11/11/11)

41′ Luis Suárez 1-0
45′ Luis Suárez 2-0
68′ Luis Suárez 3-0
74′ Luis Suárez 4-0

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freeduck4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

Brilliant Suarez.
16 goals since 2010 for Uruguay, great record.

kulka4543d ago

Great player hope he can repeat this against Chelsea and City :)

Mozilla894542d ago (Edited 4542d ago )

He is a great player but Cech and Hart are both better goal keeper than that Chilean one so it's pretty unlikely.

Of course with Chelsea's defense the state it's in right now I also wouldn't be surprised if he scores a hat-trick.

kane_lfc4542d ago

At international level, Suarez is better than Ronaldo and Messi.

DavidLuiz44542d ago

I think also that he is better

kane_lfc4542d ago

Messi is apsolutley awful for Argentina...god knows why hes captain and Ronaldo...he couldn't even get Portugal to automatically qualify for the Euros even with a superior squad to Uruguay...theres only like 3 or 4 decent players in the Uruguay squad and yet they still did well in the world cup and they won the Copa America even though Argetinas squad on paper is alot better.

Sahil4542d ago

Been feelin' for a while it was going to click for Luis in some game and he would get a bag full.....didnt factor in Urugauy...bugger!!!