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Real Madrid: 10 Strikers Who'd Be Better with Ronaldo Than Karim Benzema

BR - Will the real Karim Benzema please stand up?

If you saw Friday's match between USA and France, you know how dangerous Benzema can be. He didn't score, but he did create several chances and did everything except score.

His club manager, Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho, thinks the current Benzema is the real Benzema.

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kulka3449d ago

Benzema came to Real as one of Europe's most promising players yet he could not live up to the expactations I be more than happy seeing him at Liverpool

kane_lfc3448d ago

Real are never satisfied...

Corepred43448d ago

Which isn't a bad thing.

kulka3448d ago

drive is always a good think but they should give players a chance chemistry is the key

kingdavid3448d ago

Chemistry is the key? Someones been playing too many video games..

kulka3447d ago

@Kingdavid and why are Barca the best team in the world? because they played together since their were kids at the La masia chemistry enabled them to keep so much possession of course the talent of the players is also a reason.

Anderson83448d ago

isnt benzema keepin higuain out the team?.. must be doing something right if so

Snakefist303448d ago

Actually this article is just an option!!