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English Premier League: Ranking Each Goalkeeper from the "Big Six" Clubs

BR - Having a solid goalkeeper is absolutely essential for sustaining a healthy title bid. You could have an excellent squad with a sturdy defense, a creative midfield, and clinical forwards and still not win trophies if you have a poor goalkeeper.

We've seen it a number of times, with Arsenal being a perfect example. The Gunners had a fine squad at their disposal in the past few seasons, but Manuel Almunia, their No. 1, let them down with his inability to hold the ball and his schoolboy errors.

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kulka4571d ago

Agree with Reina being the best but the other goalkeepers are also brillant

kane_lfc4571d ago

I think De Geas better than Friedel...I mean Friedel had one good performance last week...also hes currently better than Chech and maybe even Joe Hart who spills the ball too much...I would have De Gea in the top 3

DavidLuiz44571d ago

Hes pretty good for a young player , but over Reina , Cech , and Hart. Come on with that - not trying to be offensive or anything but you must be high

Anderson84571d ago

yea, cech and hart are probs the top two at the mo'

ProjectVulcan4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

De Gea is the youngest of all of them, and has been playing in England the shortest. Thus to rank him now relies on a base of a dozen competitive games.

He has only just turned 21 last week. I think to even be playing where he is at such an age means he has massive potential.

Experience, composure, concentration, HUGE parts of a Goalkeeper's game, maybe more than any other position. This is why Friedal and Van Der Sar could still play at the top even at 40. He is probably the least complete of all the keepers rated here, but my personal opinion is that he will end up surpassing all of these keepers abilities.

At the very least we will be able to judge his advancement the end of this season a lot better than after just a dozen or so games!