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Liverpool FC: What Should Kenny Dalglish Do with Powerhouse Andy Carroll?

BR - Andy Carroll's slow start in a Liverpool shirt has been well documented by Premier League fans all over the word. A £35 million price tag hasn't helped the big man, who is obviously feeling the pressure in a red shirt.

Carroll has been guilty of missing a plethora of goal-scoring opportunities, two of which caused Liverpool to drop valuable points.

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Gamer19824535d ago

When was he ever a great player? He had a decent stint with Newcastle.. I think Liverpool should sell up ASAP before hes worth nothing and get somebody who can score other than Suarez or they can kiss that 4th place goodbye.

freeduck4535d ago

He is 22 years old. Sure, he is no Wayne Rooney but he has potential to be a great striker at Liverpool for many years to come.

Don't forget he slid 2 past Hart last season and gave your defenders a tough time ;)

Sahil4535d ago

You are so in love with caroll, gawd!