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Highlights: Norwich City 1-2 Arsenal (English Premier League - 19/11/11)

1-0 S. Morison 16'
1-1 R. Van Persie 27'
1-2 R. Van Persie 59'

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no_more_heroes4592d ago (Edited 4592d ago )

Missed chance after chance. Disappointed with Ramsey and Gervinho today, but everyone will have their off days. Just hope, like today, that it's not bad enough for us to not win, or at least draw.

zico4592d ago

not dissapointed about Van Persie.....he saved Asenal today as usual....Norwich away is a difficult match. Important win

KonohagakureFC4592d ago

Gervinho's starting to work on my nerves now, he always gets one on ones but he never scores

kulka4592d ago

Van Persie is the man on the high form good result for Arsenal.