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Highlights: Manchester United 2-2 Benfica (UEFA Champions League Group C - 22/11/11)

0-1 Jones (OG) 3'
1-1 Berbatov 30'
2-1 Fletcher 59'
2-2 Aimar 61'

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lugia 40004534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

Good enough for Benfica :)

Btw how was this approved? There's a video wrong.

buddymagoo4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

Good game and I don't know why Valencia was brought of instead off Young. Ah well, bring on Basel! It is still in our hands.

Anderson84533d ago

too many defensive lapses have cost us this season already.. i fear it could be the same against basel.. never should have conceded the second goal

ProjectVulcan4534d ago

It was a good game to watch. The own goal was unfortunate and the second was also a mistake.....not precisely gifts but not really acceptable, the Benfica equaliser wasn't.

Benfica will take that all day long and two home draws in this group is simply not good enough for Manchester United.

I believe that Manchester United will step up and produce the result they really need under the familiar pressure, but it still might not be enough to win the group thanks to the odd rule of outright goal difference not being the deciding difference. This will not be good news for the knockout draw.

zeddy4534d ago

bad mistake by de gea, should have kicked it up field, it sucks extra bad since benfica were rubbish. we'll atleast get a point at basel and then draw barca or madrid in the knockouts and they will rape us with that sort of defending.

GanjaMan4534d ago

Benfica were actually really good considering they were playing at old trafford and deserved a point in my opinion. + berbatov should of scored that volley cant believe he missed it

zeddy4534d ago

they arent good, last season we would have beat them 3-0, we're just making average teams look good by giving the ball away cheaply and crappy defending. since when do man utd concede a 2-0 lead at home to basel and draw 3-3? never seen that happen before.

GanjaMan4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )


HxCGamer4533d ago

If man u keeps playing like that they wont achieve much this year, but they will most likely step it up later. They always do rather terrible in the group stages but step it up during the knockouts

zico4533d ago

Benfica are good! Portugeese football are good.They showed it in Europe league last year, and now they will surprising in CL (still hoping/believing Porto also will make it).

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GanjaMan4534d ago

You started this season off to a cracker and now its slowly dieing down and it really shows that you need quality midfielders who can actually keep the ball and control possession! I think carrick is absolute shite why does he even get playing time!?

kulka4534d ago

So both Manchester teams could be leaving early if things go wrong on day six but United should be beating teams like Basel

guigsy4534d ago

United have been poor in the Champions League this season. We seem to lack a yard of pace compared to our Premier League displays. I know we need to employ different tactics in the Champions League but to be honest our players just don't seem comfortable in play.

On a side note Nani was fantastic tonight, really stepped up in the absence of Rooney.

no_more_heroes4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

Ok, lets sort this out:

Benfica qualify out of the group with this draw, since by scoring two away goals to Man Utd's 1 in Portugal gives them the better head to head record. That also means that Benfica will still top the group if both they and Man Utd win or draw their last matches. If Benfica draw or lose to Otelul Galati while Basel wins, Basel tops the group. If both Basel and Benfica win, Benfica tops the group and Basel comes second. Man Utd can still top the group if they win while Benfica draws, or they draw while Benfica loses.

Bottom line, a loss for Man Utd means down to the Europa League for them. They'll need help from Otelul Galati if they want to top the group, but in all likelihood, they're finishing second in the group this time.

neoragex4534d ago

I'd like to see Barca/manU or Madrid/manU.. would be great to see their arses getting spanked a bit earlier this

buddymagoo4534d ago

I'd like to see it to be honest. If we did beat them with us playing as "poorly" as we have been. Then what would it make them look like. If we lose, everyone expected it and we learn a few lessons. Win/win.

HxCGamer4533d ago

that is in no form a win/win situation...

i like your positive outlook in things though, not gonna lie.

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