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Highlights: Real Madrid 6-2 Dinamo Zagreb (UEFA Champions League Group D - 22/11/11)

1-0 K. Benzema 2'
2-0 J.M. Callejón 6'
3-0 G. Higuaín 9'
4-0 M. Özil 20'
5-0 J.M. Callejón 49'
6-0 K. Benzema 66'
6-1 F. Beciraj 81'
6-2 I. Tomecak 90' +1'

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Marcus Fenix3878d ago

Higuaín's goal is AWESOME

kulka3878d ago

Real are scoring for fun lately the El Classico will be amazing this year

Anderson83878d ago

i still think barca will wipe the floor with them for some reason.. shud be a gd watch tho

krazykombatant3878d ago

Don't see it happening unless we lose a man early on and the tired legs will give up those goals at the end of the match. However, I highly doubt that there won't be expulsions in this game. Fireworks are gonna go off. Thats for sure.

HxCGamer3878d ago

yea it should be a pretty even game.
Barca have been not on the best form lately but who knows... the games are always wayy to close and most of the times end up tied or one man down

Nes_Daze3877d ago

Not surprised, this was no challenge for Real.