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Manchester City's outlay of £950m can't bring instant European success

So even an outlay of £950m, and a willingness to accept the burden of a £194m loss on a single season, is not enough to guarantee a place in the knockout rounds of the Champions League. Not, at any rate, when the subjects of that investment find themselves up against the tactical astuteness and competitive hunger of a side assembled with one 60th of Sheikh Mansour's spending on Manchester City in the past three years.

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Sahil4586d ago

maybe 950m more would do the trick.

KingPin4584d ago

lmao for 3-6 million you can get an actual cup made.

if man city want as many trophies as man united, liverpool, barca, madrid or milan, i suggest they make em from scratch just to decorate their cabinet.

its waaaayyyy more cost effective.

kulka4585d ago

I really hope they get banned from Europe this type of spending is terrible for the sport