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Napoli striker Lavezzi may push for City move after his girlfriend is robbed at gunpoint

Ezequiel Lavezzi could now seek a switch to Manchester City after his girlfriend was mugged in Naples.

The Napoli forward, 26, has been urged to move to the Barclays Premier League club by his international team-mate Sergio Aguero and now his mind could be made up.

His sweetheart Yanina Screpante was stripped of her Rolex watch by two armed robbers on Saturday night.

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kane_lfc4470d ago

Why would City need him? Dont they f*cking already have enough players?!

Gamer19824470d ago

Don think he will come City we been linked in the past and the media just try put 2 and 2 together. I do think he will leave Italy though.

Sahil4470d ago

Most stupid news ever?

zeddy4469d ago

he could move over here, theres less chance of his girl friend getting robbed at gun point but the only downside is theres more chance of john terry banging her.

Sahil4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

amen. :)

asmith23064469d ago

Wasn't it Hamsiks wife who was mugged?

kane_lfc4468d ago

She also had something similar done to her...

dcortz20274468d ago

She was asking for it by wearing the Rolex watch out in public. It doesn't matter where you live, wear a Rolex watch or something of high value and you will most likely get robbed.