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Chicharito to miss four weeks with torn ankle ligaments

The Mexican striker had to be stretchered off within the first 10 minutes at Villa Park after tripping awkwardly, but, that aside, the Red Devils boss was pleased with the result

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KingPin3860d ago

not good news for Man United.

hopefully Wellback and Macheda can get us some goals in the meantime.

Gamer19823860d ago

Luckilly they havn't really got any big opponents until City in Jan by which he should be back for. Meaning its not a huge blow for them now Welbeck is back and they keep banging on about how good he is.

buddymagoo3860d ago

God I love that little pea. We got Wellbeck and last seasons PL top goalscorer Berba.

United never die!

Abdou233860d ago

Actually it is a very big disappointment because he was the only one scoring in the last few games.

kane_lfc3860d ago

Whos going to score there goals now? Rooney hasnt scored since November 18th.

dcortz20273859d ago

Get well soon Chicharito. Manchester United won't stop dominating!

Gamer19823858d ago

dominating? dominating who? Crystal palace maybe?

buddymagoo3858d ago

Go away you glory hunter. When did you start supporting City when they got their money. Where you from again, lol.