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Highlights: FC Basel 2-1 Manchester United (UEFA Champions League Group C - 07/12/11)

1-0 M. Streller 9'
2-0 A. Frei 84'
2-1 P. Jones 89'

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lugia 40004515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

And you're out! Haha

This news will get 1000 degrees in 24 hours at least.

Btw Manchester, you really sucked. This is funny.

buddymagoo4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

We looked knackered. Very disappointing. We have to buy or bring through the youth.


Everyone has to buy, that's football today. All clubs do it. I always said paying over the odds was wrong.

Computersaysno4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

The team is in the transitional period it entered just before the Chelsea domination under Mourinho. I thought it was always going to be a difficult season losing so much experience. There was no real experienced attacking options to come off the bench tonight either thanks to injuries to Berbatov, Hernandez and Owen.

Losing a lot of experience like that last season and replacing it with young new players coming into the side was never going to be a straightforward proposition.

This is as much a learning experience for this United side as it is for City. Its a big blow no question but United need time much like they did in 03-04. Several barren years before the team was ready again.

You will get the gloaters and such but unfortunately Chelsea and Arsenal look weaker than they have ever been the past decade and i fear they will not last long either. Spurs are probably gone out europa league, It is a tough time for english football in european competition right now.

Who can look past Barcelona and Madrid? The english clubs need to regroup and rebuild.

On the plus side of this i think Ferguson could be forced into spending in january and bring in the midfielder he failed to secure in the summer, and demand the money for him. Lets see.

GanjaMan4515d ago

All i wanna say is hahahaaahahahaa

mcstorm4515d ago

We werr poor again tonight only nani looked good for united. We are going throuhg a change over though look how many players were on the pitch from last season and not and thete was a good mix. Young started well but since he got injured he is not quite tbere yet rooney has yet aain had a dip in form just like every season and it leaves nani to do the rest of the work for us tonight. I think we have a good squad but we are very week up front at the moment because we have lost litle p berb and owen and our central midfielders are poor to me carrick and cleb are the best we have the rest are not good enough. To me though SAF should of put jones in central defence when vidic went off and stuck flech in the middle rather than evans as yet again he was poor tonight. I know all the team but nani was poor tonight but evans for me is always poor.

But SAF we new need you to show us what your all about give he players a good kickup the back side look at some new midfielders in January and get the team kicking on to regain our premoership crown back if we do that this season ill be happy. We are not too far off having an amazing squad but we need a few players back and to come in and we will be back in the champions league again next year looking to reach the final.

This is nothing to panic over though people we can win it every season we will have some bad ones along the way but remember in SFA we trust and United we stand for is temporary class permanent

HxCGamer4515d ago

ohhhh god! this is so funny!

HxCGamer4515d ago


i thought ManU didn't have to buy... you have been claiming this for years

Anderson84515d ago

thats cos before we didint and now we do.. this was poor but our form in europe has been terrible this season.. the group doesnt lie we deserved to out.. at least the kids will get a run around in the europa league

Gamer19824515d ago

@anderson you have been though everybody who won the league last season bar Scholes was bought at some time or another. Most for high prices you broke the record for british transfer signing more times than any other team. This isn't about money though this is about uniteds youth not cutting it.

Sure moneys going to be involved here but this falls down to there owners. the clubs been making around 100 million the last 2 years this is because they will only buy players on the cheap so they can make these massive amounts each year and ultimately the team has suffered for it. They just havn't got the talent to replace Van Der Sar, Giggs, Scholes and Ronaldo in the side and they are starting to finally figure out Rooney isn't really as good as they been banging on about as he isn't pulling through when they need him most.

ProjectVulcan4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

People should not accuse United of spending vast amounts to win titles. Man Utd's net spend since the Premier league began is a lot less than Chelsea, City and Liverpool, and only about £4m more than Tottenham's. http://www.transferleague.c...

Man Utd have not spent lots and lots then, not really, and besides this fact they have easily made the most money of any club in the league anyway. They could afford to spend the most by far before the Glazer takeover and had been completely debt free- what was spent was not running up debts like virtually every other top flight club it was money United had actually earnt. So they have not really lived beyond their means.

A debt free United could afford to spend 50 million EVERY season on transfers and STILL turn a tidy profit of the same amount. That is how much money the club turns over and could afford to spend if it were not for the owners.

To be fair last night was not about this singular performance it was about a poor collective performance over 6 games.

If you look at the league table Man Utd have not been playing great but the table suggests they have not exactly been terrible either. No knee jerk reactions needed.

I think once some injury issues are resolved (Man utd have the most injuries of any team in the league) then they can play like they did at the start of this season.

Writing them off over this failure would be a massive mistake as it was last time after Benfica which was surely worse.

Killzoned4515d ago

TERRIBLE PLAY! I said from day, Rooney is useless, loses motivation easily, no technical skill!, OVERPAID!. Nani is a much better player and earns much less? is that logical?

If we had bought wesley sneijder results would have been much different. We played well first half but second half we lost our tempo. GG

Anderson84515d ago

dude you talking nonsense rooney is our best player and has been one of the for the past 5yrs... nani has come good recently you have a short term memory.

if buts and maybes.. we should have rapped this group up 2 games ago

Infernostew4515d ago

I find it real hard to believe that you think Nani is a better overall player than Rooney. While Nani was miles better than Rooney today, Nani is one of the most inconsistent players on the squad. He played well on Sunday but for the most part he has been wastefully selfish this season.

zeddy4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

rooney isnt our best player, i'd prefer nani over him at the moment. he wasnt our best player when ronaldo was still there either. he had one great season when he scored 34 goals but apart from that he hasnt done much. he does great things occasionally like the overhead kick goal against city that make you think he's amazing but then he has an absolute stinker like he had tonight.

Gamer19824515d ago

I see a few united fans are starting to see what the rest of the worlds been seeing for years. Rooney isn't as great as most make him out to be. He scores in patches. He will be one of the worlds best for 3 months. (the beginning of this season and mid season last when he scored the wonder goal against City) the the rest of the season he plays crap. Nani is becoming a great player for United but hes a top backup player and good for a top 4 team not a title winning team he's no Ronaldo and cannot create as much as he should be doing but he is on fire at the moment which is great for united.

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kulka4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

I thought United was winning the cl this year lol can't stop laughing haha

HxCGamer4515d ago

I've been hearing about them being the best for so long for making it to the final a lot but never winning it... haha tooooooooooooooo funny

zeddy4515d ago

united fans will finally know what it feels like to be a liverpool fan and play in the europa league.

Infernostew4515d ago

Well, if we'd had told you that Liverpool would be winning the Champion's League this season, you'd know we'd be lying right off the bat so what else did you expect us to say?

Kos-Mos4515d ago

I thought you`ve died for being stupid, but I guess stupidity don`t kill.

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neoragex4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )


kane_lfc4515d ago

Manchester United fans,EVERY Manchester United Europa League game LIVE on Channel 5 from February. Welcome aboard,the Champions of England.

buddymagoo4515d ago

At least you'll still get to follow us in Europe unlike your team Liverpool. 19!

neoragex4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )


good luck.

Anderson84515d ago

i'm not surprised you know when it is youve been regulars in it for the last few years

MaximusPrime4515d ago


I thought Man City went thru till I saw final table.

I LOL'd that both Man U and Man C are out

Gamer19824515d ago

City were unlucky not to go through and won 2-0 against Bayern but its not the end for us it was our first run in the CL and we gained a lot of experience. Plus we had the toughest group unlike United who had possibly the easiest group. The problem is though the league has took it out the manchester sides and it shows. Look at the two top sides of the league and look who went out. Both are too busy with the league and its cost them tonight. Unlike Chelsea who cares too much about winning CL (which they never do) and it may cost them a CL spot now.

Mozilla894515d ago

The whole "experience" bit doesn't sit well with me. You have a whole star studded team of internationals who have big game and CL experience. Chelsea's first season in the CL resulted in a semi-finals appearance.

I also wouldn't take too much pride in beating Bayern's second string. A team of City's caliber must learn to balance both tournaments. Surely you want to win both in the same season?

Anderson84515d ago

when you spend 500mil+ on a squad no group should be hard for you.. the other week you lot were meant to be as good as barca, what happened to all that talk?

the league has nothing to do with this niether team were good enuff over 6games.. stop making excuses

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